Hello and welcome to my humble blog! This is just a simple way for me to update people about my upcoming time in Zambia, letting those who wish to know what I have been up to and hopefully showing lots of pictures of the work we will do!

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About me

My name is Miriam Walrond, and I fell in love with Mpongwe, Zambia when I first visited back in 2009. That trip triggered many events in my life, most significantly my decision to enter in the amazing career of being a nurse. Since 2009 I have been back to Mpongwe on two trips, with the upcoming trip being my fourth, as well as recently becoming a trustee for the charity set up to support and love the people of Mpongwe, Mpongwe’s people. IMG_1631
On the 10th June I will be returning for a 3 week trip, and after a couple of friends requesting updates while I am away, I decided it was time to set up some form of blog, and finally show people why I love this place so much I just keep coming back!

My last trip to Mpongwe was in 2015, where a group of 5 of us joined with Steve and Ann Powell, a couple who live and serve in Mpongwe. Together with some local boys, we renovated the female ward of the hospital in Mpongwe, complete with new tiles, repainted walls and curtains for the bedspaces. On this trip we will be looking to renovate the male ward, finishing the work started by a working party in November. Alongside that, I am looking forward to spending more time in the hospital, seeing how things are done differently between Zambia and the UK! I will also be going on some visits to see Orphan and Vulnerable Children work that is being done by the charity, which seeks to support children remaining with close family relatives ensuring they still have access to schooling.IMG_0709

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